What is KODI App ?

KODI is the best free app for streaming, it runs on a huge range of devices and operating systems like:

Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberri Pi ….

Just install the App from Google Play Store or any other app store depending of your device.

How to Get Your M3U Link?

Just pick one of  Android & iOS subscriptions, make your order and you will receive an email with the M3U Link asap.

Once you get your M3U link, you must install & set up on KODI App.

How to stream M3U link on Kodi ?

1 – Open the KODI App.

2 – Select TV.

3 – Select add-on browser and press ok.

4 – Search for “PVR Simple client” select it then press ok.

5 – Select install then press ok.

6 – Once installed, select it again and press ok.

7 – click on configure.

8 – On location select Remote Path (Internet address).

9 – Select M3U playlist URL then press ok.

10 – Paste your M3U link, then select and press ok.

11 – Select and press ok again.

12 – Click on OK to restart the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

13 – Restart KODI App.

14 – Wait until the playlist is downloaded, it may take a few minutes.

15 – Once finished, you can Browser your list, and enjoy watching your favorite channels, movies and series.