SSIPTV App is a free universal player that allows you to play videos on a local network or the Internet.

The application is integrated with the services of hundreds of IPTV operators. The user can download his own playlists.

SS IPTV Tutorial: How to Get Your M3U Link?

For SS IPTV Subscription, just pick one of our IPTV Subscriptions, make your order and you will receive an email with the M3U Link asap.

Once you get the M3U link, you will have to upload the channels list to you SS-IPTV App

How to get the SS IPTV Codes?

1 – Open your SS-IPTV App, click on settings.

2 – Select & click Get the code.

3 – write down the code, then Go to your Computer browser, don’t disconnect from SSIPTV APP.

Add New External Playlist

1 – go to the following address:

2 – enter connection code, then ADD DEVICE

3 – click on External Playlists.

4 – click on ADD ITEM.

5 – Name the SS IPTV Playlists, Paste your M3U Link then click ok

6 – click on save.

9 – Go back to your SSIP TV App / click refresh arrows.

10 – Select & click on the playlist you just created

11 – Choose one channels bouquet from the list.

12 – Select a channel and start watching.